Wood Doors vs. Metal Doors

One of the first things many people do when they move into a new home is replace their doors. In some cases this is out of a desire to change the locks, and give the home an upgrade while doing so. In others, it is simply to take that first step in making the new home truly your own. A secure and decorative front door is a way to express your personal sense of taste and style. The question often arises whether to choose a traditional wood exterior door or a metal one. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of wood vs. metal doors and why you may want to consider metal over wood.

Wood Doors

Wooden doors are classic and traditional. They look beautiful, are solid and heavy and by their very nature have an artistic flare. They also last for many years and just add a sense of traditional class to the home. The biggest downfall of the wooden door is that weather conditions act upon it and wear it down over the years, stripping the finish and wearing out the hinges from years of repeated action—wood screws strip very easily. You will eventually have to refinish and possibly replace your wooden door.

Metal Doors

Doors made of a metal like iron, on the other hand, are even heavier and more secure than those made of wood. They last for decades and are custom-built to fit your door frame perfectly. Unlike wooden doors, metal does not swell with humidity and will retain its fit over the long-term. In addition, screws and hinges do not strip as easily with metal, and they are even more solid than those made of wood, providing an extra layer of security. Many people consider metal doors to be less attractive than wooden ones. However, new technology and craftsmanship allows metal doors to be custom designed in a broad variety of finishes and styles to appeal to just about any taste or aesthetic. In fact, it’s even possible to add finishing to a metal door to make it look like wood. The biggest downside to a metal door may be that it costs a bit more upfront. However, the sheer longevity, custom fit, ease of maintenance and range of can save you money in the long run.

Wood vs. Metal Doors

In comparing the two types of doors, there is little doubt that a custom metal exterior door will provide a better value overall. While the initial cost may be more, you can have your door made exactly to your specifications, have it appear however you like and will have to spend precious little time in maintenance. Metal doors offer not only beauty and longevity, they are exceptionally secure and will provide your family with safety for many years to come. If you think a custom metal door might be the right choice for you, learn a bit about our security door options and give us a call for more information today!