Coyote Rollers

There are many reasons to love living in Las Vegas and Henderson. However, there is a growing menace that poses a danger to kids and animals: coyotes. Recently, coyotes have become more brazen in their attacks on humans and their pets, as detailed in the report from Channel 13, Las Vegas featured below.

AR Iron, LLC is the only company in Las Vegas and Henderson that is certified to install the ultimate in protecting your home from coyotes. Roll Guard’s patented product is a safe and humane way to coyote-proof your yard. We’ve already installed many of these HOA-approved systems and we’re proud to be able to provide peace of mind for Southern Nevada home owners. The same product has been used to stop the coyote menace in San Diego. Click here to see the report.

Coyote Attacks in the News

Coyote rollers