Coyote Rollers

What Makes Coyotes So Dangerous?

  • Fast, cunning and known for their skills in stealth, coyotes excel at sneaking up on prey. Chances are, by the time you or your pet spot a coyote, it has already studied you and deduced its plan of attack.
  • Because coyotes characteristically travel in packs, you are more likely to encounter several at a time.
  • These packs rely on having enough space to live and hunt and are therefore quite territorial. The pack views people and pets whose residences encroach on their territory as a direct threat to their survival. Increasingly, rather than retreat, coyotes are lashing out at these perceived threats.

Are Coyote Attacks Really an Issue?

Over the last several years, coyotes have become more brazen in their attacks on humans and their beloved domestic animals. One needs only to turn on the local news to see the devastating effects a coyote attack can have on a family.

How Can I Protect My Family?

Among the most effective ways to protect your family and pets from a coyote attack is to prevent coyotes from getting into your yard in the first place. While there are various ways of deterring coyotes, the best way to keep them at bay is to have a tall, sturdy fence. That said, coyotes are powerful jumpers and can easily clear fences of several times their size. As we’ve seen increasingly in the media, an adult coyote is able to scale even a five foot-tall fence with ease.

In the past, there have been various ways of fortifying fences to guard against coyotes. From the use of lethal deterrents such as barbed wire, to more humane solutions such as greasing wall and fence surfaces, humans have repeatedly attempted to devise a convenient, hassle-free way to keep their families safe. With the introduction of coyote rollers, we’ve finally succeeded.

Available Colors

We offer over 6,500 powder coat colors to choose from and can match any Homeowner’s Association color requirement.

We twist, bend, and forge our custom designs and pickets in-house. If you have a specific
idea in mind, we’re happy to walk you through the decision making process to create your custom entryway gate.

What is a Coyote Roller?

The coyote roller is a rolling iron bar welded to the top of your new or existing fence, which prevents coyotes from getting their footing on the structure and climbing into your yard. When the coyote tries to scale the fence, his feet inevitably hit the roll bar, which keeps him from maintaining his grip, and results in him being literally rolled off.

coyote roaming in the neighborhoods

Do Coyote Rollers Really Work?

In a word, YES! When San Diego began experiencing the scourge of coyote attacks, coyote rollers became an instrumental tool in safeguarding the area’s families and pets. Further, the Nevada Division of Wildlife recommends coyote rollers as both a humane and effective way to keep coyotes from entering your yard.

Are Coyote Rollers an Eyesore?

We recognize that your home is your sanctuary and the aesthetic of your yard is important in creating that setting. That’s why our expertly-welded, coyote rollers are designed to seamlessly blend in with your new or existing fence, add to your security and maintain your home’s curb appeal. With quality craftsmanship and an eye for detail, coyote rollers are imminently effective while being barely detectable.

If you belong to an HOA, there’s good news! Coyote rollers are increasingly being approved by HOAs who appreciate their residents taking the initiative to create safer neighborhoods. While HOA regulations vary and you should check with yours in advance, the chances are good that they will welcome the installation of coyote rollers on your property.

Coyote rollers

Will My Coyote Rollers Stand the Test of Time?

AR Iron’s dedication and commitment to quality is evident in every piece we craft, and our coyote rollers are no exception. We strive to provide a functional product, unobtrusive to your lifestyle, that delivers reliability year after year.

Are There Other Benefits to Having Coyote Rollers Installed?

There are countless benefits to installing coyote rollers. Coyote rollers are more than just a safeguard for your home, yard and family. If you put your house on the market, potential buyers see them as a safeguard for their home, yard and family. Thus, the simple addition of coyote rollers has the potential to raise your property value and make your home stand out in an often contentious market. What’s more, the addition of coyote rollers to your fence can help reduce visits from other unwanted pests! From stray animals and rabid raccoons to the garden-variety burglar, a high fence capped with a rolling iron bar, while not foolproof, is yet another weapon in the line of defense against your home.

What if I Move?

While coyote rollers will make any home on the Nevada market stand out to potential buyers, once you experience the difference and heightened security they provide, you may not be ready to part with your investment. That’s why our coyote rollers are fully removable and can be relocated to and installed in your new home.

How Can I Get Coyote Rollers Installed in My Home?

If your home is governed by an HOA, we recommend first checking to be sure coyote rollers fall within its bylaws. From there, it’s as easy as contacting AR Iron and requesting a quote. Known for our honest appraisals and quick turnaround time, we will seamlessly outfit your new or existing fence with our solidly-constructed coyote rollers. From there, all that’s left to do is enjoy your yard and the peace of mind that goes along with knowing your family and pets are safe when playing outside.

As coyotes branch out into more populated areas, attacks on Nevada’s pets, children and even adults are becoming increasingly common. Humane, easy-to-install, unobtrusive coyote rollers are, without a doubt, the best defense against this new audacious brand of animal. When it comes to coyote-proofing your property, your knowledge and vigilance, coupled with AR Iron’s quality craftsmanship, will keep your family safe in your home for years to come.

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