7 Uses for Ornamental Iron

Ornamental or wrought iron is a sturdy and popular material that has many uses both practical and decorative. Its qualities as a strong and attractive building material make it widely used in home design, security and general building and construction. It adds class and refinement as well as being a powerful decorative accent. Here’s a look at some great uses for ornamental iron.

Security Gates

Forged iron security gates are used all over the world to provide safety and protection from unwelcome visitors and prowlers. These gates are strong and resistant to breaching while adding a sense of class and tradition to any structure. Wrought iron looks sophisticated: it provides protection without making a property look like a fortress.

Decorative Gates

Decorative gates can provide a lovely and charming entryway to a garden space. It can present a traditional and refined look to any area of your yard, and offers your own sense of aesthetics and taste. No two wrought iron gates are the same, since each is handmade, so each makes a statement that is uniquely you.

Iron Doors

Ornamental iron doors also add elegance to your property. They speak to serenity and beauty, and are an inviting way to welcome people into your home. These doors are timeless, handsome and classy, while also increasing security against unwelcome intruders.

Hand Rails

If you have a walking path on your property, perhaps through a garden or orchard, ornamental hand rails forged from iron are a great way to accent your guests’ journey through the area. An iron handrail can turn what is already a beautiful landscape into a wondrous Victorian fantasy land full of peace, magic and serenity. If you have a balcony or staircase, these rails can serve to protect you, your family and your guests from falling. They provide a sturdy and long-lasting support that is as handsome as it is protective.


Accent your overall home and yard design with gorgeous hand-forged iron fixtures. Porch lights, light posts in your yard, window and door accents and other pieces can take an otherwise standard structure and make it really “pop.” With subtle fixture accents, people will notice the strong statement these pieces make even if they don’t note the fixtures themselves.


Iron furniture, from tables and chairs on your porch to elaborate forged benches in your garden path or underneath the gazebo, is sturdy, resistant to the elements and just handsome to look at. It is practical and also decorative: An iron bench can be used as a trellis for growing flowers or as a respite in the shade during hot summer days.


Finally, there are few home accents that are quite as lovely as hand-forged iron artwork. Decorative iron can be used to form baskets, wall art, statuary and just about any kind of aesthetic addition you would like. The sky and your imagination are the limit! Ornamental iron is strong, weather-resistant, versatile and beautiful. If you would like to add some of this handsome material to your home, whether for security or aesthetics, we can help. Give us a call for more information today!