How to Protect Your Home from Coyotes

Coyotes have become a major problem all across the nation. Whether it’s because humans have encroached on their habitat or because coyotes have bred in large numbers, they seem to be everywhere, even on the streets of New York City! Of course, you want to protect your kids, pets and property from these hunters and scavengers. Here’s a look at how you can defend your home from coyotes, including using a wrought-iron security fence with coyote rollers.

Protective Barriers

Coyotes are experts at breaching barriers. Starting in your back yard, you should install a barrier that will be proof against these creatures. The barrier should be at least six-feet tall with coyote rollers or an extension atop that is comprised of 15-inch woven wire. Brick walls or wrought-iron fences with very narrow spaces between slats are excellent choices.

Landscaping and Lighting

Coyotes are jumpy and nocturnal, in general. Installing motion sensitive lighting that kicks on when it senses an intruder can startle animals and drive them off. In addition, keep your landscaping well-groomed with very few opportunities for hiding places. Get rid of those bird feeders; while you might love seeing sparrows, the seeds (and birds) also attract predators and scavengers. Finally, if possible keep your trash bins in the garage or a shed, and use an animal-resistant bin if your collection service allows.

Outdoor Maintenance Habits

In addition to removing bird and wildlife feeders, you want to minimize the presence of any attractors for coyotes, which remember are both scavengers and predators. Don’t keep food or water dishes for your pets outside. Make sure that any waste from picnics, barbecues or outdoor pet feeding is kept immaculately clean. Keep pets indoors after dusk and supervise them closely if they must go out in the night. Make sure that pet waste is regularly cleaned from your yard. Keeping your yard immaculately clean and avoiding anything that might attract a scavenger or predatory animal is a great way to defend your home from coyotes. A few minutes of inconvenience can save you from tragic encounters later.

Handling Encounters

If you do run into a coyote, don’t show fear. Wave your arms in the air, yell at it and make direct eye contact. If it does not retreat, throw anything within reach at it to make sure it views you as a threat and not prey. If you can, shine a flashlight on it or hit it with the hose. Coyotes are intelligent animals who can sense fear. If you present yourself as a threat, they are more likely to retreat than attack as they know that if they get hurt they won’t survive very long in the wild. Never try to directly engage a wild animal except in self-defense.

Iron Security Fences

Using a secure wrought-iron security fence can provide excellent protection against intruders both human and animals. Talk to your local Las Vegas service like AR Iron to defend your home from coyotes. For more information about coyote rollers and security fences, feel free to give us a call today.