Modern Iron Gate & Security Designs: What are the Different Types?

Whether you’re looking for style or security, a quality modern iron gate offers plenty of both. You can spruce up your home and live with peace of mind knowing that your place is protected. However, getting the right kind of gate means discovering what would work best for your home while providing the protection you can count on. 

Fortunately, plenty of options are available that make it easy to customize your gate as you see fit. Learn all about the modern iron gate and security designs, and find driveway gate design ideas that appeal to your tastes.

Types of Gates

ornamental home side gate

It’s important to keep the different types of gates in mind when searching for a suitable security or driveway gate. Here, you’ll find two available categories of gates with three kinds of gates in each category. 


  • Automated: An automated gate works based on detecting movement. When you get close to the gate and have the right equipment, like a phone or fob, the gate will automatically open for you. They’re typically more expensive in terms of standard cost and labor.

automated gate in front of home

  • Manual: A manual gate requires a direct operation to open and close, involving opening the gate by hand or pressing a button that signals it to open. These gates are generally inexpensive compared to their automated counterparts, and they’re often easier to install.

manual iron gate on the side of a home


  • Sliding: A sliding gate slides on rollers to open. These rollers are attached to the ground, allowing a gate to slide across its length, offering convenience and a lot of saved space.

white sliding driveway entry door

  • Swing: A swing gate is effectively the opposite of a sliding gate. It’s a driveway gate that opens inward or outward. So you not only need the space for the gate itself but open space for the gate to swing open. Driveway gates can open inwards or outwards, but it’s more common to open inwards.

swinging metal driveway gate

  • Cantilever: A cantilever gate opens vertically in a few different ways, and they’re designed to allow vehicles to enter.

black cantilever gate sliding open


Benefits of Gates

When you opt for a wrought iron gate, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. You can boost your curb appeal with a gate, as buyers are often looking to take advantage of all the benefits they can offer. 

1. Privacy

One of the most apparent benefits of gates is that they offer a sense of privacy. If you add a mesh backing to your gate, you can see out while others can’t see in. You can block easy viewing into your property, and you don’t necessarily have to block out views.

2. Pet Security

If you have pets, specially designed gates can make it hard for them to wander too far. Many dogs and cats never seem to grow out of their need to explore, but a proper gate and fence can make it nearly impossible for them to get past.

3. Personal Security

The prime function of a gate is to determine when access is granted, offering safety on multiple levels. You can help keep intruders out, increasing safety around pools and other areas.

4. Artistry

Gates are great ways to boost your curb appeal because of their aesthetic. You’ll find quite a few different styles that suit a wide range of driveway ideas to spruce up the place. You can even opt for lighted driveway gates to make navigation easier and look better.

5. Convenience

Opt for an automated gate, and you can enjoy all of the benefits mentioned earlier without even thinking about it. 


Types of Modern Gate Designs

The best gate design depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. Take a look at some of the best designs to see which sticks out for you. You’ll find a multitude of options with plenty of room for customization. Plus, you get powder coating for all gates and 6,500 colors to choose from.


A lot of people prefer a more minimalistic design in their gates. These typically involve gates consisting of vertical bars with slits in between them among the gates. The gate is generally rigged as a slider with this design, so it doesn’t take up that much space. However, it’s easy to go bold with dark colors or thick bars, even with a simplistic design.

black minimalistic gate


A fence gate is useful if you already have a fence or don’t mind people being able to see into your yard. Many people think of these gates solely in terms of function, but they can look quite striking as well. Plus, the thin bars don’t require much material, so it’s cheaper to implement fencing across large areas of property.

black backyard fence around home


Ornamental gate designs let you add a bit of extravagance to your property. These gates tend to have grand arches or intricate swirls in their design reminiscent of what you’d find in an art nouveau structure. 

ornamental driveway gate with swirls


Don’t hesitate to opt for something unique to make your gate truly special. A customized gate can be whatever you want. You can have lighted driveway gates crafted with a design depicting your initials or even something as complex as a woodland scene, for example, which might work exceptionally well on a gate at a farm.

white entryway gate with cactus design


Security Gates from AR Iron

When you opt for a gate from AR Iron, you can customize it as you see fit and find something for just about every scenario you can imagine. We offer a wide range of accessories, such as coyote rolls, handrails, entryways, and more. 

With our water jet cutting process, you can enjoy a sleek and stylish look designed to boost your curb appeal using some of the best materials for a driveway gate and beyond. Water jet cutting offers a quality finish without worrying about burning or melting, as you’d find with plasma cutting. You can even take advantage of our water jet cut special that offers four options at different prices. Whether you want a modern-style driveway gate with a matching pedestrian side gate or a gate for a storefront or business park driveway, request a free quote today.