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home invasion on the rise in las vegas

Home security should always be a top concern. Right now, the country is in the middle of a pandemic, and people don’t know what to do. Break-ins happen each and every day, even in the most secure neighborhoods. There’s a lot that you can be doing right now, especially as you’re told to “shelter in Read More

Coyote Rollers

When buying a house there are a lot of things you consider. Is it the right neighborhood? Is the house structurally sound? Is the plumbing good? Are there enough electric sockets in the home office? While worrying about all the things, don’t forget to take a look at the fence. A home inspector will look Read More

iron fence with corrosion

Iron rusts, especially when kept outdoors. Finding corrosion on a wrought iron fence is not uncommon, and should be something you prepare for, but not something you should worry about. Most wrought iron fences will develop some minor rust spots. Generally, these take years to cause any actual structural damage, but they can be unsightly Read More

Coyote Rollers

When you live in and around Las Vegas, it’s a common sight: a coyote is prowling the neighborhood. They’re so common in Nevada that the state has stopped counting. They seek out highly populated areas for easy food opportunities and some adventure. Unfortunately, that ‘adventure’ doesn’t tend to end well for homeowners in this area. Read More

family crest security door

Choosing a security door for your home is about so much more than just security. While your primary goal may be make your home safer and more secure, the security door is also installed on top of your usual front door, which means that it becomes the decorative face of your home. Your new security Read More

Double Gate

There’s no question why Las Vegas homeowners choose to build big beautiful gates for their residential properties. Driveway gates are an important aspect of home security and add an impressive element of stately refinement to your outdoor design. Whether your gate swings or slides, there’s no better cherry on top of a great fence and Read More

Ornamental iron railings

Privacy and the security of all occupants are some of the priorities of every homeowner. Those who are planning to rent out or sell their houses will also consider enhancing the appeal of their property, which will improve the value of the same in the market. The material you choose for securing your home and Read More

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Your Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada home is your pride and joy. You’ve spent a great deal of time, energy, and money making it perfect for you and your family and it shows. Still, there are things you’d like to add or improve, such as adding a beautiful iron fence, gate, security screen doors, or Read More

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