Why Winter is a Great Time to Install an Iron Gate

Custom made iron gates are a great way to protect your home and improve your curb appeal simultaneously. If you’ve been concerned about the privacy of your home, you should consider adding an iron gate to the mix in order to improve the security of your perimeter. The installation process of such a gate is typically done during the spring and summer, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. If you’ve found yourself wondering when is the right time to install an iron gate, here is why you should consider having it done during the wintertime.

Save Money and Score on Some Deals

As previously mentioned, many choose to have their fences and gates installed during the spring and summer months of the year. This may be because the weather is warmer, or people are off of work for vacation, but either way, the sales of these gates tend to spike during those times of the year. In order to combat the slower seasons, your local iron professionals may cut some great deals to attract more customers. When you take them up on these offers, you can save yourself money by having your gate installed in the winter as opposed to during the busy summer. This might even mean that your project is done more efficiently too, as these professionals have more open schedules than they would during the busier months.

The Cold Doesn’t Affect the Installation Process

Colder weather is not really a concern when you install an iron gate, even if there is snow on the ground! If the ground is frozen, an auger can be used to dig post holes and water can be prevented from entering these holes by removing melting snow from the area. In fact, having your iron gate installed during the wintertime can be less frustrating than trying to do so during the rainy spring season. The concrete may take a little longer to set in cooler temperatures, but it typically isn’t a problem.

Install an Iron Gate and Ready Your Yard for Summer

One of the best benefits of completing your iron gate project in the wintertime is that your yard is well on its way to being ready for the summertime. Your yard will have the time to recover before spring time brings about new growth. You can prepare gardens to surround your new gate, furthering increasing that curb appeal we were talking about earlier. For those who get into the holiday spirit, you can decorate your gate for the ultimate-festive look when the spring and summer holidays start up. Plus, when summer does roll around, you don’t have to worry yourself over getting your gate installed. You can enjoy the new look and security of your home all spring and summer long. Do you want to learn more about how you can install an iron gate in the winter? If you live in the Henderson and Las Vegas areas, contact us at AR Iron today to learn more about our iron gates and installation process.