The Differences Between Plasma and Waterjet Cutting

Whether you own a business or a home and are looking for ornamental irons, plasma and waterjet cutting can help you create the unique pieces you are searching for. Everything from customized signs to detailed pieces of structure can be formed from metal in order to suit your designing-needs. Here’s what you need to know about plasma and waterjet cutting so that you can move forward in your efforts to acquire customized metal decor.


The Purpose of Plasma and Waterjet Cutting

Both plasma and waterjet cutting can be used in order to shape and form different metals for a variety of uses. Between plasma and waterjet cutting, you can have the most basic to the most intricate ornamental iron designs incorporated into varying materials. Besides level of detail, there are differences between plasma and waterjet cutting that can help you decide which method would be best for your project.


How Waterjet Cutting Works

Essentially, a waterjet cutter uses pressurized water in order to cut a number of materials accurately and efficiently. Because these systems do not use heat like a plasma cutter does, it can get through tougher materials without causing unnecessary and unsightly damage. Everything from steel to aluminum, titanium, copper and so much more, you have a wide variety of materials to choose from when waterjet cutting is used to create your designs. As mentioned earlier, because these types of cutters are so accurate, intricate designs will be cut with flawless precision. Even when working with a thicker material, quality will not be sacrificed when using a waterjet cutter, which could not be said for a plasma cutter. For most projects, waterjet cutting may be the better solution of the two.


The Cons of Plasma Cutting

Similar to waterjet cutting, plasma cutting is used to form metal into specific shapes, but these cutters may not be as accurate. Plasma also works with a high heat which could affect certain materials in a negative way. Additionally, unlike the waterjet cutter, plasma cutters can only cut through conductive metals. Different materials may require different cutting heads, which can cause macro-fracturing in the metal – something that is easily avoided when you use a waterjet cutter. This type of cutter is often thought to be better for cutting larger, more basic metal designs, while waterjet cutters can then handle the smaller details of the project.


The Right Iron Design for You

Though plasma cutters can be used for larger projects, waterjet cutters are able to do it all with better quality and efficiency. Your local iron experts will know how to handle a tool of this caliber and deliver you with the perfect metal design for your home or business. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of having a design created by a waterjet cutter? Here at AR Iron LLC, we use waterjet cutters to produce signs, décor and more. Contact us today to find out how we can create flawless, customized metal for you.