How to Coyote-Proof Your Yard

There’s a lot of controversy about coyotes right now. They’re no longer relegated to deep forests in unpopulated areas. They’ve even been seen on the streets of New York City. These animals are canny, intelligent, brave and, yes, dangerous to humans. Whether their prominence is due to overbreeding or humans encroaching on their areas is a matter of debate, but the fact is, you need to protect your family and pets from these canine intruders. Learn how to create a coyote-proof yard, and keep your kids and animals safe and sound.

Can Coyotes Climb Fences?

Yes! Coyotes have the ability to climb fences and walls. In order to protect your pets and children, you must coyote-proof your yard.

The Coyote-Proof Yard

Coyotes are a major issue in the Las Vegas region; many people lose small pets to these creatures and are in fear of their children being victim to an attack. The best way to create a coyote-proof yard is to have ironclad security and outsmart these critters.

Coyote Enclosures

Coyote enclosures can be a great way to protect your pets. These are usually formed from chain-link, and not only have four walls but a roof as well. This means if the coyote does try to climb over, they still can’t get in, thus ensuring your pet’s safety while it’s inside.

Coyote Fences

Coyotes can climb fences, so you want to create a fence that is more difficult to climb. A wrought-iron fence is sturdy, so the coyote can’t force its way through, and a high fence using straight vertical bars (no horizontal surfaces) can make it difficult for the coyote to climb. Coyotes dig, too, so be sure to sink the fence deep into the ground.

Remove Attractants

If you feed your pets outside, the simple answer is, “Don’t.” Pet foods are serious attractants for coyotes, who love a free meal. Fish ponds are also a major temptation for coyotes, as are vegetable gardens and bird feeders. Don’t store your garbage outside. Keep it locked up inside, in a shed or in the garage, until right before you take it out. Remember that coyotes live by their sense of smell, and they’ll smell any attractants a long distance off.

Coyote Rollers

If you’re installing a coyote fence, you may as well go all the way and install a coyote roller as well. These are easy to install, can be made to look perfectly integrated with your fence in a stylish design, and will make it nearly impossible for the canine to get over the top. Best of all, you can often take a coyote roller with you if you move to a new home—they’re easy to install and remove! These are just a few of the things you can do to help coyote-proof your yard and keep these dangerous nuisances away. If you would like to know more about how iron fencing and coyote rollers can help secure your yard, read more information and give us a call today.