10 Beautiful Window Guard Designs That Add Curb Appeal and Security

For many people, the ideas of security and beauty stand at opposites – but this isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of ways to make a place both beautiful and more secure with the same structural elements.  A garden wall covered in ivy can be beautiful, and so can a protective porch railing. If your windows need extra security, this is actually the perfect opportunity to add aesthetic design to your home.

Window guards are a great way to improve your curb appeal while also increasing property security. Which designs will look best on your home? It depends on your current architecture, curb-facing design and your own personal aesthetic. Let’s dive into our favorite ten of the most beautiful ways to design secure and attractive window guards.

1) Radiant Sunburst or Starburst

Radiant Sunburst or Starburst iron window guardAn always-compelling design is the classic sunburst. A sunburst is a circle (or offset semi-circle) that radiates beams like the sun. Each beam is framed by a bar that extends across the full extent of the window. Sunburst window guards are both clearly secure to the naked eye but also adds a beautiful cosmic or dessert aesthetic to the home design.

Starbursts are similar, but end to start at a point in the center or from a smaller central star. A starburst pattern in window guard iron might resemble a night sky or might feature a single brilliant starburst in the center or upper corner.

2) Family Crest or Initials

family crest iron window guardMany homes are made more elegant with just a touch of wrought iron personalization. Just as family estates might have the cursive surname initials emblazoned on the gate, your home can sport the family’s initials in each window or even spell something along the front of the house. Swooping cursive alphanumerics or even printed in a chosen font can give your home a uniquely personal look while also providing solid window protection from the outdoors.

3) Central Baroque Blossoms

Central Baroque Blossoms window guardBaroque is an old favorite when it comes to making iron bars beautiful. Swooping curves and ornate curls adorn many of the world’s most beautiful fences, gate, and window guards throughout history. A visually elegant way to use the baroque style for your window guards is to choose a detailed pattern to draw the eye toward the center of each window guard. Your baroque blossoms may all be the same or each varies to accent the entire front of your home.

4) Framing Baroque Corners

Framing Baroque Corners window guardAnother option to create a more spacious look is to frame each window with baroque corners. The baroque style is used to add ornate detail around the edges of any design. Just as baroque vines might be used to accent stationary, you can use framing baroque corners to accent your window guards.

5) Multi-Panel Ironwork

Multi Panel Iron window guardsSome designs take more than one window to realize. If you order custom window guards, you can build a picture that comes together across the front of the house. Windows next to each other or tall guards on a glass door can look breathtaking when one elegant iron pattern leads into the next. Create multi-panel artwork that is unique to your home by designing a flowing window guard set.

6) Iron Shutters

Iron Shutters window guards
Iron shutters give you a combination of security and versatility. Perfect for both storms and for manually securing the home, iron shutters don’t have to be solid. Your shutters can be beautiful vinework, geometry, even mosaic designs.

Some homes mount stationary iron shutters around each window as permanent decor, while others install the hardware to truly open and close these shutters. The choice of added security, along with some maintenance and a chance in appearance, is up to each individual homeowner.

7) Curling Vines and Leaves

Curling Vines and Leaves window guard
The next great classic for window guards is the surprising security of swooping vines. You can go with light, floating vines or heavy baroque curls. Your vines can have leaves, flowers, or stand bare like stark autumn branches. You can simulate a reaching tree branch in iron with leaves sprouting off each split. Or your vine can curve around iron flowers or butterflies for a softer look. Your vines can take up the center of each window guard or the entire space while still providing a curling, regular security for the window.

8) Windowed Wine Cellars

wine cellar iron window guardA wine cellar is a great addition to any home. It provides a cool, elegant space to store your wine – along with anything else that shares a similar climate preference. If your wine cellar has windows facing the public, or even in the back, you will want to defend the valuable sunken contents.

A beautiful cross-hatch of ironwork can reinforce your wine cellar windows with traditional Italian stye. Or your wine cellar can be guarded by gothic peaks, baroque vines, or even a locally inspired sunburst over each half-basement window.

9) Abstract Mosaic Geometry

Multi-Panel Ironwork window guards
You can also take a page from the mosaic and stained glass book of design. Thick metal lines between clearly pictorial sections. Abstract mosaic leaves you with interesting and non-statement windows that are both edgy and neutral at the same time. Or you can choose to design an image in the mosaic style, as long as each open section is too small for a person or pet to slip through so that security is maintained.

10) Victorian Steampunk

Victorian Steampunk iron window guard
The Victorian era was at the height of elegantly wrought iron design and Victorian-style windows are still renowned for their dual security and beauty. Whether you love the elegance or the invention of the steampunk era of history, modeling your window guards after this time could be the perfect addition to a Victorian or cottage style home.

What will be the perfect safe and aesthetic window guard design for your home? What will maintain your curb appeal while adding new security? Contact us today to discuss your home style, your vision, and what custom iron window guards can do to make it happen. We look forward to making your home both more beautiful and more secure.