Residential Uses for Ornamental Iron

Ornamental iron is growing in popularity all over the world. People are rediscovering this material for its strength, longevity and the sense of grace and class that it can bring to just about any décor or structure. It has uses in security, structural reinforcement, aesthetic design and more. What is better, there are tons of applications for handcrafted iron fixtures in your house and garden. Learn the broad and varied residential uses for ornamental iron, and how this classy and sturdy material can enrich your home and yard.

Security and Protection

Hand forged wrought iron gates and doors are an excellent way to keep your family and possessions safe from unwanted visitors. Security gates are sturdy and difficult to breach, as well as adding a classic sense of beauty and sophistication to your home. Iron doors are just as elegant, speaking of beauty and class while providing a solid barrier against intruders. Iron fences can be erected and fitted with coyote rollers to keep out those Nevada pests and keep your kids and pets safe as well.

Fixtures and Furnishing

Handmade, artisan-crafted iron fixtures and furniture can be a great way to accent your design and decorative scheme. From light posts to porch lights, window and door accents, a custom-made gazebo, bench, table or chairs, wrought iron furnishing and fixtures are resistant to the elements, easy to care for and bring that sense of class and tradition to your yard. Whether your scheme is Victorian, Gothic, the roaring 20s or ultramodern, iron can be crafted to create the exact theme you want.

Ornamental Iron Artwork

No design scheme is complete without beautiful artistic enhancements. Decorative iron can be used to create almost any form of art you can imagine. It has been used to create uniquely personalized wall clocks, hanging art and even statuary. Accent baskets are a popular addition and fashioning them from iron ensures a sturdy and long-lasting piece. The only limit to the use of iron artwork is your imagination!


Does your property feature a walking path through a beautiful orchard or garden? What about a hedge maze? A superior way to accent the walk through your serene area is to add hand-made ornamental iron hand railings.

Your landscape is probably already stunning; adding an iron rail to it will turn it into a classic wonderland. These railings add that final touch of magic, peace and grace to the area. They can be used indoors as well, protecting balconies and providing handholds for staircases to defend those in your home from falls without looking unwelcome or cold.

These are just a few of the popular uses for ornamental iron that people all over the Las Vegas area have applied to their residential properties. If you think that decorative iron might be the thing to add the final touch to your home, check out our ironwork services and get in touch with us for more information today!