Ornamental Iron and Its Use in Gates

People are rediscovering the beauty and benefits of iron fixtures in their homes, gardens and property. It carries so many benefits with it from a customized classic look to heightened security and stability that there’s really no reason not to consider using iron. One of the more popular, up and coming iron features on properties all over the country is the use of wrought iron gates. Read about several uses and advantages that come with having ornamental iron gates installed on your Las Vegas area property.

Ornamental Iron Gates

Ornamental iron gates may seem like an expensive option to spruce up your home, and it’s true that the buy-in cost is higher than other forms of fencing and gating, but the advantages far outweigh the costs—and in the long run, going with iron may even actually save you money due to its longevity and strength. Iron is made to last!

Withstand the Elements

Wrought iron gates are designed to hold up for a very long time. They’re relatively low maintenance and they can stand up against arid heat, heavy rains, wind, and just about any condition Mother Nature throws at them. They’re easy to clean and take care of, and will stand tall for many years.

Beautiful, Classic

Ornamental iron has it all when it comes to design themes. It carries a gorgeous aesthetic that just exudes style and class. There is absolutely no substance like iron. No other building material has the look, the grace and the style that iron does.

Custom Made

Most iron gates, in addition, are custom-made to the specifications of the buyer. This means that your gate will be designed specially to suit your yard, home or property, and will perfectly complement the overall design scheme you’ve got in place.

Heightened Security

A traditional chain-link fence can be climbed over. A wood fence can be cut through, bashed through or otherwise broken. Barbed wire looks awful and can be cut with bolt cutters. Try getting through a wrought iron custom fence or gate.

Not only do these entryways look gorgeous, but they vastly improve the security around your property, resulting in increased safety for you and your family. Choosing wrought iron shows potential intruders that you mean business and take your security seriously.

Wild Animals

These fences can even be designed to keep wild animals like coyotes off your property. Did you know that coyotes are smart and nimble enough to just climb right over a traditional fence? An ornamental custom wrought iron fence can be specially designed as a deterrent to animal invaders—another layer of protection for you, your kids and your pets.

If you think that a custom-forged iron gate might be right for you, take a look at a number of samples of our work, and get in touch with us today for an expertly forged gate to decorate and defend your property!