Inspirations for Your Next Ornamental Iron

The use of ornamental iron for home design, aesthetics, beauty and security is on the rise, and for good reason. Handcrafted wrought-iron is not just beautiful, it adds a sense of style and class to any decorative theme. It is also incredibly resilient and durable, very low maintenance and can stand up to the harsh environmental conditions of just about any climate. There’s no question that whatever your needs; there’s an option for ironwork that will fit them with style and grace. The question is, where to go next? Read a few inspirations for your next ornamental iron, from security to simple beauty, outdoor and indoor, to get you going on your design scheme.

Outdoor Furnishings

One of the most common, gorgeous and fun uses of handmade wrought iron is the installation of outdoor furnishings. Whether it is a simple and serene bench for your garden path, or a full set of tables and chairs under a gazebo, on a patio or in an outdoor oasis, wrought iron furniture is classic, beautiful and graceful.

Wall Art

Everyone should have a wall piece designed from artisan-crafted wrought iron. These pieces come in just about every shape, size, design and complexity you can imagine and can be crafted to your exact specifications. Whether you are looking to dress up your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, wall art is a great way to go and adds a touch of class to your home décor aesthetic.

Decorative Iron Gates

Add security and grace to your home with the addition of decorative iron security gates. These can be applied to an equally beautiful iron fence, or between stone or concrete pillars, and can be manual or have a remote control or code pad for entry. With a decorative iron gate, not only will you add a sense of Gothic or classic elegance to your home, you will be doing your part to protect your family and property as well!

Iron Spheres

If you are really thinking outside the box (literally), consider a wrought-iron decorative sphere. These eye-catching design pieces can form the centerpiece of your yard, garden or even room design and are certain to be a conversation starter for anyone who stops in to visit your yard.

Iron Fences and Railing

Do you have a garden path, hedge maze or other serene outdoor oasis space? Consider iron fencing and handrails to guide your visitors along the path to peace. The design options for these railings are endless and limited only by your imagination and design space needs.

Las Vegas Ornamental Iron

These are just a few ideas and inspirations for handcrafted iron art in the Las Vegas area. If you are still looking for ideas, check over our ornamental iron page, which is full of ideas and examples of our work. Then, when ready to get started, give us a call to talk about your ideas and make your ironwork dream come true today!