The Process and Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

In the modern era, there are a variety of manufacturing processes that your business could choose. However, if you’re looking for one of the most versatile solution for cutting a variety of materials, your best option is waterjet cutting.

While waterjet cutting has existed for over one hundred years, it is just now growing in popularity, and is one of the best methods for creating unique products that your customers are guaranteed to love. Learn more about the process and advantages of waterjet cutting and discover why you should always schedule this useful service with experienced professionals.

How Waterjet Cutting Works

If you’re not familiar with how the waterjet cutting works, it’s a good idea to examine this process in a little closer detail before we discuss its advantages.

As you might expect from its name, waterjet cutting uses highly pressurized water to cut a wide range of materials in intricate shapes and designs. The water is pressurized to 50,000 pounds per square inch, passed through an opening that is usually made from a ruby or diamond, and then directed towards a tiny nozzle, creating a vacuum that draws in an abrasive substance of your choice. By combining extreme pressure, water, and an abrasive material, a waterjet is able to cut tough materials quickly and easily.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Now that you know the basics of how waterjet cutting works, it’s time to learn about some of the biggest advantages of this cutting process.

One of the biggest advantages of waterjet cutting over other cutting methods is that it can be used for almost any material imaginable. With waterjet cutting, you can cut materials like metal, wood, plastics, rock, and much, much more. This cutting method also puts very little stress on your materials, meaning there is a very low risk for distortion or other forms of damage.

Waterjet cutting is also well-known for its quality. When you choose this cutting method, you’ll be able to create perfectly smooth, rounded edges and complex designs that you’re really going to appreciate.

This cutting method is also more affordable than other manufacturing processes, mostly because there’s no need for secondary operations. Speeding up the time it takes to manufacture your products and lowering your overall costs is an irresistible benefit of waterjet cutting.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, waterjet cutting is an environmentally friendly solution for manufacturing your products. There is virtually no waste created during the process, and contrary to what you might think, very little water is used. If you want to create your products using green principles, waterjet cutting is your best choice.

Schedule Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is one of the most advantageous manufacturing processes in the world, and is a great solution for your important products. If you’re interested in the advantages of waterjet cutting for your products, then you need to work with the team at AR Iron, LLC.

AR Iron provides our customers with a wide range of useful metalworking services, including waterjet cutting, and we can help you create the products you want and need. Contact us today to learn about our services and to schedule waterjet cutting.