Creative Waterjet Design Ideas

Imagine if Auguste Rodin had only had Waterjet technology 100 plus years ago, it wouldn’t have taken him all that time to create The Thinker. Rodin’s masterpiece is a study in bronze sculpture. However, it doesn’t take an art connoisseur to recognize fine craftsmanship. There is a plethora of artistic options here in 2016, many more than when Monsieur Rodin sculpted his greatest artistic achievement. At AR Iron, we have the modern-day equivalent to that antiquated method: waterjet technology. Our friends and neighbors in Las Vegas and Henderson now have full access to this innovative process.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a design concept that basically uses high-pressure water streams to sculpt and mold metals and other materials. This method works much like cold forging, in that there is no heat transfer necessary to the medium. It does, however, often use abrasives in the water stream. The overwhelming favorite abrasive is garnet. It is a hard rock with jagged edges when broken apart that helps the water stream to cut through metals of all hardness, including steel.
Because this process can be modified in so many ways, it can be used to sculpt and craft a myriad of substances. Not only can Waterjet cutting be used on metal, it is also frequently used on marble and tile.

This range of options allows our craftsman at AR Irons to open up creative design opportunities to our customers. We have created dozens of custom art designs using this process, and we have templates for hundreds more. Additionally, these art pieces can be used as functional walls, overhangs or sun shades. We can help you turn a utile space into an aesthetically pleasing conversation starter.

Waterjet cutting can also be used on flooring. By using this process on your marble or tile floor, you can design an inlaid pattern into virtually any flooring surface you choose. This can turn a boring kitchen floor into a modern art masterpiece. It doesn’t end at flooring, either. Your bathroom, with all the tile and counter space available, could be a great place to infuse some Waterjet creative design ideas. From intricate flooring, to personalized designs for your shower to detailed countertops, we can help you transform your bathroom into a showcase of creative design and ingenuity.

AR Iron

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