When Custom Forging Gained Popularity

Forging is one of the most useful inventions in the history of mankind, propelling from the Dark Ages and allowing us to develop the predecessors of the advanced tools that we take advantage of today. By manipulating metal, we have been able to create both complex machinery and interesting design points, such as metal fences and doors.

While for the most part forging has been a fairly uniform process, many people are choosing custom forging to add unique designs to their homes. Learn about the interesting history of forging and find out how custom forging gained popularity across the country for enticing, personalized home features.

Early Forging

Forging is almost as old as mankind itself, dating back to some of our earliest ancestors. As with most innovations, metal forging was initially used to make simple tools necessary for agriculture, and, occasionally, construction. However, as time progressed, metal forging made its way to Europe and was implemented in forging weapons for the continent’s often prolonged conflicts.

Eventually, as conflicts were resolved and peace was established, metal forging transitioned back to being used primarily to make tools essential for the long-term development of society. However, it wasn’t until advances in technology took hold that metal forging became the easy process that it is today.

Streamlining the Process

In its early days, metalworking was reliant on tools like water wheels to operate large bellows, forcing most forging to be done in close proximity to a water source. Finally, with the invention of the steam engine, could finally break free of its confines and become the mass production technique it was always meant to be.

Forging was one of the earliest forbears of the Industrial Revolution, and with the invention of the steam engine, expanded in popularity. However, as production mean became more refined, metal forging fell somewhat out of favor, reaching somewhat of a low point in the early seventies.

Custom Forging Gains Steam

Recently, metal forging has experienced something of a renaissance, especially when it comes to custom forging. Homeowners who want unique metal style features, especially fences and gates, have driven the resurgence in custom forging, making it one of the most popular style trends that there is.

By using custom forging, various types of metals can be manipulated to form interesting designs that can add a personal touch to almost any home. Belly pickets, scrolls and iron balusters are just a few of the numerous exciting design features homeowners can choose using custom forging. It’s no wonder this practice has steadily increased in popularity over the last few years.

Find Custom Forging Services

As you can see, custom forging is one of the best solutions to add attractive metal features of your home. Forgings increased popularity has made it vital that you seek forging services from a trusted source who can help you choose the right design for your home. Get expert custom forging services by working with AR Iron, LLC.

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