Choosing the Right Waterjet Edge Quality

For precision cutting, there’s no better tool than a waterjet. Cutting with a waterjet gives you the versatility that you need, no matter the material you’re planning on working with or the intricacy of the design that you have chosen. However, if you’re not that familiar with waterjet cutting, it can be difficult to know what edge quality you’ll need to successfully complete your project.

Fortunately, using a waterjet means having access to a number of edge qualities that gives you the flexibility you need to finish even the toughest cutting jobs. Learn how to choose the right waterjet edge quality so that you can complete your cutting and design projects quickly and effectively.

Types of Edge Quality

The factor that makes choosing the right edge quality so difficult is that there is a variety of options available to you. Waterjet edge quality has ratings ranging from Q1 to Q5. As you go up the scale, you get more precisions and refinement. Generally speaking, Q1 edge quality is used only for cutting materials and not for detail work.

The more precise you need your cuts, the higher you will go on the edge quality scale. So, the biggest factor in determining the right edge quality will be the requirements of your project, with Q1 being used for basic cutting jobs and Q5 employed for the most intricate projects.

Why is Edge Quality Important?

Now that you know more about waterjet edge quality, it’s time to learn why it’s important to pick the right edge quality for your project. First and foremost, the quality of edging that you choose will have a direct impact on the total cost of your project—the higher the quality, the longer and more expensive your project will be.

Secondly, and most importantly, choosing the right edge quality will determine the overall success of your project. Choosing the wrong quality can mean inadequate cutting or poor detail work. However, with the right edge quality, you’ll get precision cuts and a gorgeous design.

Mixing and Matching Edge Qualities

Finally, it’s important to not that for many projects a single level of edge quality will be inadequate. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to combine multiple edge qualities in a single project, giving you a level of versatility that’s hard to find in other cutting methods.

In fact, depending on your project, you can use all five levels of edge quality for a single job, resulting in a finished job that meets, and possibly exceeds, your expectations.
Waterjet cutting is the solution you need for precision, quality cuts and edging that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Get Help Choosing the Right Waterjet Edge Quality

Like most things in life, choosing the right edge quality for your cutting project is much easier when you have expert advice. Select the right waterjet edge quality by working with the dedicated professionals at AR Iron, LLC.

Our team has experience using a waterjet at all quality levels, and can help you pick the right edge quality for the materials and requirement of your project. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our waterjet services and how we can help you pick an edge quality.