4 Benefits of Automatic Gate Operators

A gorgeous wrought-iron security gate adds sophistication and class to your home as well as excellent security. The question arises upon installation whether you want a hand-operated gate or you wish to use an automatic gate operators. These devices are common in both private homes and industry, and countless numbers of people count upon them on a daily basis. Here’s a look at the various benefits of using an automatic gate operator on your iron security gate.


The number one benefit of automatic openers is convenience. With a manual gate, whenever you want to enter or leave your property you need to drive up to the gate, get out of your car, open the gate, drive through, get out of your car, close the gate, then pull into your driveway. While that sounds great as an exercise routine, it’s far from convenient. With an automatic opener you simply push a button or punch in a security code, and voila! The gate opens and closes on its own!


Automatic gate openers are ideal for security issues. With a hand-operated gate, it’s easy for prowlers to bypass your security. Using a padlock opens you to bolt cutter entry. Integrated locks tend to be easier to pick, even with modern lock functionality. Automatic gates, on the other hand, require specialized electrical knowledge to overcome and even then it isn’t easy. This makes them a deterrent to crime as much as it protects you from active break-in efforts. More often than not, a potential prowler will see your automatic opener and simply pass on by rather than deal with the hassle.

Safety Issues

Automatic gates operate on solid motors which control the opening and closing of the mechanism. What this means is that they tend to be exceptionally safe. Improperly balanced manual gates can be difficult to open, can slip off their moorings, and worse, can slam shut unexpectedly. If you have kids or pets that go in and out of your gate, you can’t risk accidents and injury that could result from these situations. An automatic gate contains safeguards based on sensors and motorized tracks which prevent the doors from closing unexpectedly or too quickly. Opting for an automatic opener gives you peace of mind knowing that visitors, vehicles, kids and pets are safe moving through the opening without the concern of accident and injury from unexpected operation. There are many advantages to choosing a wrought-iron gate from AR Iron, LLC, but the addition of an automatic gate operator is a must-have choice for those who want safety, security, consistency and convenience in operation. If you are ready to get started on adding some class and sophistication to your home, give us a call for more information today!