3 Rustic-Modern Industrial Decor Options for Stairs

One of the best ways to complete transform a home is to update the staircase. However, if you’re looking to give the staircase in your home a new look, then it’s important that you choose the right style, which is why you should learn more about rustic-modern industrial décor. This design style combines classic rustic looks with modern metal design for a truly unique appearance that will be sure to impress each and every guest to your home.

If you’re interested in rustic-modern design, it can be useful to learn about some of your options in this style. Learn about three rustic-modern industrial décor options and find out you can schedule the custom forging services you need to complete your project.

Ornamental Metal

The biggest part of rustic-modern design is combing the old and the new, and if this is something that you’re interested for in your home, then one of your best options is to use ornamental metal. Ornamental metal, typically, is used on the exterior of homes for gates and fences, and is often more ornate than metal fixtures that you’d find on the interior of a home.

However, when you use older ornamental metal for your staircase, you’ll be able to give your home an interesting look that you won’t find in many other residences.

Combining Reclaimed Wood with Metal

For rustic design, there’s almost no better material than wood, especially if you use reclaimed wood from an older home or existing structure. In the rustic-modern design, however, using reclaimed wood by itself often won’t achieve the look you’re going for, which is why you should consider pairing your older reclaimed wood with modern inspired metalworking.

For example, you could use old wooden beams for the railing of your staircase and then attach those beams to metal fixtures for a combination that both looks great and functions the way that you need. Also, because there are so many different types of woods and metals to choose from, you’ll have almost unlimited style options using this strategy.

Custom Forged Railings

A mistake that many homeowners make when updating the staircases in their home is to not give the railings the attention they are due, instead choosing a standard option. However, if you want to achieve the ideal rustic-modern industrial décor then it’s a good idea to update your staircase railings with custom forging services.

When you choose custom forging, you’ll be able to update the railing of your staircase with high quality materials and with custom designs that will perfectly match the rustic-modern style. If you want your staircase to perfectly reflect your individual tastes, then you should consider custom forgings.

Learn More About Custom Forging Services

For homeowners looking for a unique style for their home that they’ll be guaranteed to enjoy for years to come, installing new staircases with rustic modern industrial décor is a great choice, especially with custom forgings. To get advice on your project and to schedule the custom forging services you need, you should work with the experts at AR Iron, LLC.

Our team is experienced with multiple design trends and can help you transform your home with our custom forgings. Contact us for more information.