Protecting Your Pets from Coyotes with Coyote Fences with these Helpful Tips

Even if you don’t live in a rural area, there is one threat to your family’s pets that you need to be aware of: Coyotes. A surprising amount of coyote incidents occur in the suburbs, and if you have cats or small dogs, coyotes can pose a serious risk to their health. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways that you can keep your pets and your family safe from coyotes.

Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe from coyotes, including installing a coyote fence in your home with the help of a fencing professional.

Protecting Your Cats

The easiest way to protect your cats from coyote attacks is to keep them indoors. However, if you have an outdoor cat, or there are feral cat colonies near your home, there are a few simple things that you can do to protect these animals.

First, you should make sure to provide outdoor cats with a way to escape coyote attacks. If your yard doesn’t have any trees, you can install a cat post that your cat can climb to get away from any aggressive coyotes that enter your yard. Keep your cat’s outside food receptacles elevated so that coyotes cannot reach them. These should be brought in every night. Coyotes are scavengers and any food that is left out may attract them to your yard.

Defending Your Dogs

Smaller breeds of dogs are also extremely vulnerable to attacks from coyotes and even larger dogs may be attacked. When a coyote attacks a dog, it is usually because the dog has been left unattended. If you are aware that there are coyotes in your area, you should be sure that your dog is never outside unaccompanied. Also, just like with cats, do not leave your dog’s food or water outside. This will attract coyotes and may cause them to associate your home with food.

If your dog is outside and is approached by a coyote, you need to attempt to scare the wild animal so that it leaves your yard. Most coyotes are intimidated by people, and acting in an aggressive manner towards a coyote will usually cause them to flee.

Install a Coyote Fence

Perhaps the best solution for protecting your pets from coyotes is to install a coyote fence in your yard. Coyote fences are specially designed to keep out coyotes, and may include items like coyote rollers that prevent these animals from gaining purchase and climbing your fence. When planning for a coyote fence, there are a few factors you need to consider.

First, the fence needs to be at least six feet high. Second, there should be no room at the bottom of your fence for the coyote to crawl under. A properly constructed coyote fence will keep these animals out of your yard and ensure your pet’s safety.

Plan Your Coyote Fence with Professional Help

If you’re interested in installing a coyote fence in your yard, then you need to talk about your options with the professionals at AR Iron, LLC. We can help you design a coyote fence that is both functional and attractive, and can equip your fence with coyote rollers so that your pets are safe from coyote attacks.

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