Metal Wall Art Flag

Metal Wall Art Flag Powder Coated with a  two tone red and blue with a highly reflective metallic flake. Check our our video below to see just how much it pops in the sun! Show your American pride on display in your home, garage, man cave or outside. Great as a housewarming gift or that special occasion. Our flags are powder coated tough to withstand the elements and can be displayed indoor or outdoor. Cut from high quality aluminum with precision cut quality from our 1530 waterjet. All of our products go through strict pretreatment and coating procedures. Our aluminum is da sanded and etched with cleaning solution and rinsed with RO water to ensure excellent adhesion properties. All of our aluminum is outgassed and powder coated with a minimum of 2 mils of thickness. We can also customize your flag with color options, additional text and sizes. For more information contact us at

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