Top 2019 Iron Fence and Gate Trends

The number of attractive, innovative iron gates and fences is growing by the day. Adding an iron fence or gate can help frame your home, express your sense of style, and help keep your pets safe from harm. But not all iron fences or gates are created equal. The path to your satisfaction with an iron fence or gate hinges on the model you choose and the iron company you choose. Below is a look at the top seven iron fence and gate trends of 2019 and the best way to enjoy the fence or gate of your dreams.

1) Brightly Colored Fences and Gates

“Bronze-green was the color of choice for smart ironwork in the 18th century. Bronze dust was sometimes mixed in with the green for accent. Baty was involved in restoring this color and the red of the Queen’s Gates.”

Kendra Wilson, Gardenista

When most people think of an iron gate or fence, they envision a black or dark brown color. This is not a surprise given the prevalence of darker colors in the iron industry. However, today’s fences and gates are available in a host of vivid colors that are reminiscent of the bronze, green, and red colors that were prevalent on the fences and gates of the 18th century. Top iron companies offer homeowners the ability to customize their fences and gates using their favorite color schemes.

2) Iron Gates with Monograms 

A growing number of homeowners are choosing to customize their gates with decorative monograms. A gate that bears a personal monogram serves multiple purposes. In addition to identifying the home’s owner, an iron gate with a monogram conveys a message to visitors and passersby about the owners’s personal style.

In most cases, the monogram is positioned in the center of the gate to increase visibility, though some homeowners prefer for the monogram to be positioned at the top of the gate. Color variance is another current trend, with many homeowners opting for a monogram of a contrasting color such as gold or bronze.

3) Decorative Iron Fences

“A beautiful front yard fence frames a home…and with a decorative finish, it becomes a form of creative expression, not just a boundary.”

–  Hope Timmerman, Homelight

Ornamental or decorative iron fences add character and to a home’s exterior while also offering privacy from neighbors and passers-by. Common themes include scrolls, trees, flowers, and a host of geometric shapes. Some of the area’s top iron companies will even customize a basic iron fence to include animals, wildlife, and floral designs.

4) Interior pet gates

Over 60 percent of households in America own a dog and nearly half of Americans own a cat. Many of these homeowners customize their property to help keep their pets happy and safe. Iron interior dog gates are one of the latest trends among pet owners seeking a way to keep their dogs and cats protected in a secure area of their homes. Pet owners can choose from an extensive array of styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate their animals and keep their homes looking great.

5) Iron fences with colorful tips

“While often presented as black, wrought iron can be painted, which actually adds to its rust resistance and highlights any of the decorative ornamentation that you may have opted for.”

Home Stratosphere

A traditional black iron fence with gold painted tips provides a stunning combination of traditional craftsmanship and creative flair. When opting for a design with painted tips, a fence with a tall, basic bar design offers the best means of showcasing painted tips.

6) Iron gates for front doors

Furnishing a home’s entry with an iron gate helps to build a safe, secure environment. Additionally, an increasing number of homeowners opt to purchase iron front door gates in conjunction with similarly styled iron bars for their windows and iron railings for their home’s walkways. Coupling iron gates with iron window bars is a trend that is on the rise in neighborhoods where security is a top priority among property owners.

7) Gates with crests

The origins of heraldry were evident during the reign of Charlemagne. Now, a growing number of driveways are framed with wrought iron gates bearing family crests or a coat of arms. This style of gate is especially popular in Canada, Australia, and now the United States.

What should you look for in an iron gate or fence company?

As outlined above, the selection of iron gates and fences is more enticing than ever. If you are considering adding an iron gate or fence to your property, the best thing to do is to seek the expertise of a trusted specialist in the iron fabricator industry. Ideally, the iron company you choose should offer the following qualities:

  • Industry experience: Established companies with decades of experience are typically the most reliable
  • A fast turnaround time: Standard fence and gate projects should take no longer than 5-7 business days to complete
  • An impressive project portfolio: Be sure to request references of residential and commercial projects to view completed projects
  • Onsite powder coating operations: Companies with onsite powder coating booths can complete jobs faster and control quality

The most trusted wrought iron fence and gate company in Las Vegas

Very few iron companies possess all of the qualities outlined above. However, AR Iron offers all of these benefits plus a host of other incentives to customers. With over 30 years of industry experience, the AR Iron team specializes in custom wrought iron fences and gates. AR Iron continues to grow their operations every year and features an onsite powder coating booth to facilitate production and ensure superb finishing quality.

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