The 5 Design Principles for Fencing In Small Backyards with Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fences are a wonderful way to both protect and decorate your yard, no matter the size. While most people think of wrought iron fences as something that you use to protect the perimeter of a large house or property, they’re great for small properties as well. Whether your home is small or just the yard space you are planning to fence, the right wrought iron fence design can make even a small yard feel spacious and elegant.

Design Principles that Make a Small Yard Look Bigger

Of course, simply building a wrought iron fence around your small yard may not have the effect you’re looking for. There are so many wrought iron fence designs and not all are space-enhancing. Some are designed to make a large space feel secure, or to make a busy landscape look clean. Along the same lines, there are a few very enjoyable styles of wrought iron fence that enhance the size and appearance of a small yard, whether you are fencing your front yard or back yard.

decorative iron fence– Narrow Bars

Fencing a yard for security often makes it feel more closed-in, which may not be ideal for a small yard. If you want your yard to be secure without feeling like the fence is pushing in on your space, the key is narrow bars in your wrought iron fence. Rather than thick or ornate verticle bars, choose slender vertical bars with only a little shaping to them, if any.

These narrow bars will allow you to see the greenery or scenery beyond your yard quite clearly, while still providing the actual intruder-repelling security that you need from a wrought-iron fence.

– Shorter Fence

If a shorter fence is acceptable to your needs, go shorter. A short fence provides a courteous amount of security and it also does not fill your line of sight. A short wrought iron fence provides a secure perimeter and a chance to decorate the border of your small yard without making the yard feel as though you are hemmed in. A shorter fence can be ornate, it can be any other type of design you want because it doesn’t fill your line-of-sight from the yard. Merely accent it.

iron fence Meshed with Greenery

– Meshed with Greenery

Medium-height wrought iron fences provide quite a bit of yard security but on its own, a medium-height fence may make your small yard feel too small. However, there is one very clever trick used by thousands of homeowners with small yards and iron fences: Bushes. A flowering bush is a beautiful addition to your fenceline and it effectively extends your garden all the way out to the edge. You don’t have to stop your landscaping at the fenceline. Instead, plant bushes that make the fence a part of the garden. To where it just so happens that there’s a fence inside your last row of bushes. This often takes on the appearance of a fence growing up out of a line of lovely bushes.

– Accent Fencing

Another option, if security isn’t your primary concern, is to use smaller lines of wrought iron fencing to accent your garden landscaping. Small iron rows along the edge of your flower beds, for example. Anywhere you want to put a small amount of wrought iron fencing, you can and it will look great.

iron fence gate design

– Gate Design

Don’t forget the entrances and exits. There are a few different approaches to a wrought iron fence gate. For a spacious design, you may want to choose a gate that almost perfectly blends with the fence line. Or your curb appeal might look best with an ornate gate in a simple fence. When it comes to gate design for a more spacious appearance, every property is different.

Wrought Iron Fence Designs for a Small Yard

tall iron fence for small yard– Tall, Slender Iron Fence

Front yard or back, security wrought iron may need to be tall. In this case. plan for a fence between five feet and eight feet tall. But rather than using thick or average width bars, look for the narrowest bars available. These can be round or square, straight or sculpted. This will create a towering but surprisingly breezy effect to make your yard seem larger while also being fully fenced in.

short ornate iron fence for small yard– Short Ornate Iron Fence

Shorter fences are more welcoming for ornate designs. In fact, the shorter your wrought iron fence, the more attractive it looks. In a small yard, you can still use the decorative iron fence designs you love most, as long as you keep that ornate design cose to the ground. You can use short fences around the perimeter or plant bushes so that a lovely ornate fence design protrudes above your flowering bushes.

iron fence for flower bed– Iron Garden Bed Fences

Flower beds are another great opportunity to use wrought iron to make your small yard seem larger. If you have flower beds or your landscaping will create a few, try accenting them with small, detailed wrought iron flowerbed dividers. These will add detail and depth to your landscaping design and can help to make a small landscaped area look larger with the amount of depth created in the layers of plants and accents.

iron patio fence

– The Fenced Patio Design

In fact, even if you don’t have a yard, an elegant wrought iron fence can be the answer to security and design. Many homes and condos have a nice patio but not a grassy yard. When you want to keep your patio safe, a wooden fence just doesn’t have the charm of a well-designed wrought-iron fence. Wrought iron allows you to see out and even to socialize on both sides of the fence while still keeping unwanted strangers off of your patio.

Are you building a new fence for a small front yard or back yard? We can help. When you consult with our professional gate designers, we can help you pick the most appealing form of wrought iron fencing for your yard, home, and property. Contact us today to find out more about how to choose wrought iron fencing, the type of customizations available to you, and what would look best to enhance the appearance of your small yard.