How Powder Coating Can Restore Old Metal Objects

Metal objects, while extremely durable, can suffer wear and tear over time. For example, if you have metal outdoor furniture, it’s possible it’s been exposed to moisture or harsh UV light, possibly resulting in rust or corrosion. If you want to give your metal objects a new lease on life, then you need to find an effective restoration solution, which is a good reason to learn more about powder coating.

Powder coating is process of applying electrostatically charged dry powder to a surface and then creating high-strength, attractive coating by curing the powder. With this process, you can make your metal objects look brand new. Learn more about restoring metal objects with powder coating, and find out how you can easily schedule this useful service from a dependable company.

Powder Coating Uses

Unlike other restoration options you could choose, powder coating can be used to revitalize virtually any metal project under the sun. As mentioned, many homeowners choose powder coating to restore their metal furniture that has experienced environmental wear and tear. However, powder coating can also be used to restore car parts such as rims, metal fencing or gates on your property, as well as certain home appliances.

Powder coating can also be used by cities to restore public signs, saving a great deal of money on replacement costs. If you have a metal object that needs restoring, there is no better choice than powder coating.

Advantages of Powder Coating

The reason that so many people are turning to powder coating for their restoration needs is the sheer volume of benefits provided by this finishing process. Learning about a few of these benefits will help you see why you should restore your metal objects with powder coating.

First, the unique process of adhering the dry powder with static electricity and then curing it in an oven creates a highly durable, even layer that is virtually impossible to achieve when using traditional paints. The coat created during this process is resistant to multiple forms of damage, including chipping, scratching, light damage, and rust.

Second, unlike regular metal paint which provides limited color and design options, powder coating can be customized to your exact tastes. You can choose your powder coat in several attractive colors, can choose a finish like gloss or metallic, and can even add textures for a unique aesthetic. This means that powder coating can completely change the look of your metal objects and make them more attractive than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Anyone looking for a highly beneficial restoration process should consider restoring metal objects with powder coating.

Restoring Metal Objects with Powder Coating

If you have metal objects that you need to restore, whether for commercial or personal purposes, your obvious choice is scheduling your powder coating service. Fortunately, to get help restoring metal objects with powder coating quickly and easily, you only need to work with the team at AR Iron, LLC.

At AR Iron, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of useful services, including powder coating. We can help you restore your objects to like-new conditions, and can give you advice for choosing the most attractive powder coat possible. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.