Give the Gift of Security this Holiday Season

Ten minutes: That’s the time skillful burglars take to break into a home, take what they find, and get out again. Now that we’re spending more time inside our homes right now, the thought of coming face to face with a burglar, a thief, or a criminal is quite scary.

While there are several recommended ways to react when a burglar is in front of you – hiding, avoiding direct confrontation, and triggering the SOS button – preventing an intruder from accessing your home in the first place is the best way to stay out of trouble.

The Importance of Feeling Safe at Home

Feeling safe basically means that you don’t expect either physical or emotional harm. The sensations associated with feeling safe start in utero and stick with us for the rest of our lives.

So, why is feeling safe so important? According to Dr Nancy Gahles, an interactive and holistic doctor and owner of the Health & Harmony Wellness Center and Spirit of Love, feeling safe is a prerequisite to health, happiness, and wholeness. When you feel safe, everyday living becomes more enjoyable, and every-day tasks become more manageable.

Elements that Make People Feel Unsafe and Insecure

The things that take away the feeling of safety vary from one person to another. Some people shudder at the thought of criminals invading their properties. Some tremble when they think of their young ones falling into a pool. There are also those who quiver when they imagine their adorable pets wandering off to the streets, never to return home.

The important question here is – what makes you or your loved ones feel unsafe? It’s crucial that you identify what elements of your life or areas of your home cause you to feel frightened or insecure, and then do what it takes to resolve those issues.

How to Be Safe at Home

Feeling safe is one thing, and being safe is another. Therefore, you should take proactive steps to ensure that you not only feel safe, but that you are actually safe at home.

Although safety cannot be guaranteed, there are several practical ways to heighten your security. These include installing secure locks, mounting motion-activated lights, fitting alarm systems, setting up surveillance cameras, and installing iron security systems, etc.

While there are different ways of boosting your home’s security, installing security systems such as doors, gates, and fences, should be your first priority.

Reasons Why You Should Make Iron Security Systems a Priority

With a plethora of options between wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and iron, choosing the best security system can be daunting. Of all those options, however, iron security systems are going to be your best bet. The following are the reasons why:

1. Superior Strength Provides Maximum Security

Most criminals target homes that look easy to break into. Installing an iron security door is one of the best ways to ensure that your house is never on the bad guy’s easy target list.

One of the attributes of iron that makes it the best material for security systems is its incredible strength. Not to take anything away from these other materials, but most of them can’t compete with iron’s strength. For instance:

  • Wood slats rot and can be pried off
  • Aluminum bends easier and can be broken
  • Vinyl can be easily cracked and broken through

The inherent nature and strength of iron makes it a better choice as trying to pry, cut, or break through iron is no small fete. Neither kicking nor battering is going to make an opening. A criminal would have to use some heavy-duty tools to break through iron, but that would make a lot of noise, and no criminal would want that.

2. Open Design Eliminates Hiding Spots

survey by the KGW’s investigative team targeting inmates serving time for burglary revealed several interesting things. One of them is that burglars never want to be seen when on a mission. Of course, no criminal would want to be seen when conducting such a heinous act.

While most property owners think that obstructing the view onto their properties is a good security and privacy measure, it can actually backfire. For any criminal, an ideal target would be a home whose fence provides a hiding spot from view outside of the property.

The good thing about an iron fence is that it features an open design that disqualifies a home from being an ideal target. The openings in an iron fence basically mean that getting through the fence doesn’t necessarily mean shielded cover for a trespasser.

Aside from creating an open view, the open design of iron fences makes these types of fences harder to climb. With the rails spaced reasonably apart and the iron surface being slippery, climbing over an iron face is almost an impossible mission.

3. Increase Curb Appeal

Wood fences certainly look nice when they’re new, but it doesn’t take long for them to grey out, get covered in mold, and eventually lose their beauty. Vinyl fences also need constant washing for them to sustain their good looks.

Another exciting fact about iron fences is that it has the ability to act as security fences without being an eyesore. An iron fence is an attractive option that will complement your beautiful home and give it an immediate curb appeal boost.

4. Can be Customized for a Personal Touch

Another reason why iron security systems stand out from other options is that they can be easily customized. You can have your wrought iron fence, gate, or door customized in an attractive design that meets your specific specifications.

The customization of iron security doors not only helps you to have an attractive design, but it also helps you to achieve a practical design. For instance, you can have your iron door customized into a design that seals your entryway completely to prevent heat loss.

Customize Your Iron Security Systems with Expert Help

Installing an iron security door is akin to beating three birds with one stone. You get to boost your home’s security, improve curb appeal, and save big money on your energy bills.

If you’ve decided you would rather stop a home invasion at the front door before it begins, then you consider investing in our Home Security Package Special. This package includes one standard security door, five windows, powder-coated, hook lock, and passage handles. With this package, you get more for less, which makes it a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

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