7 Security Door Designs That Match Your Home’s Style

Choosing a security door for your home is about so much more than just security. While your primary goal may be make your home safer and more secure, the security door is also installed on top of your usual front door, which means that it becomes the decorative face of your home. Your new security door welcomes visitors, greets you when you come home every day, and it makes up an essential part of your home’s curb appeal.

So, naturally, you’re looking for a security door design that is beautiful, personal, and perfectly accents the current exterior look of your home. Here at AR Iron, we can make a security door in almost any shape, size and design, meaning you can choose from an extensive selection or pre-designed doors or tell us exactly what you’re looking for in a security door design and we’ll make it into a reality. But you may need a little help getting started, so today we’ll be sharing our expertise to help you find the perfect security door design to suit your home’s style.


Iron Winding Ivy

One of the most popular designs by far is iron winding ivy. Who says that a security door has to be all vertical bars and plain lines? What truly matters is that an intruder could not fit through, making a winding ivy design uniquely appealing. For nature-lovers and the artistically minded, a security door with vines curling upward makes a wonderful defense.

Winding ivy security doors are elegant and emphasize the beauty of nature. They look best in cottage-style homes with a prominent front door and a green lawn. A flowering garden or a patio of potted plants can also make your iron winding ivy security door look beautifully fitting for the home.


modern geometric sliding security doorModern and Geometric

Trendy modern homes built in the squared-off southwestern style often have a completely different aesthetic appeal. While ivy may look lovely on a cottage, it can seem out of place when your home is an sharp combination of right angles and modern materials. For southwestern squared-off homes, one of the most enjoyable types of security door feature a combination of geometric shapes wrought in iron. Geometry has a clean, essential way of conveying both technology and style. It is artistic, but in a way that right-angle minds can’t help but enjoy.


iron heart security doorHome is Where the Iron Heart Is

If you live in a classic family home in the suburbs where the house is full of love, you might be inclined toward a security door that reflects the style and tenderness residing within. Among the most beautiful security door designs we have available is a double-heart design with a heart on top, an upside-down heart below, and secure vertical struts connecting the two.

Heart-design security doors make a home feel cozier and more welcoming, which may be exactly the effect you’re looking for. A heart door looks best on a welcoming porch with a front yard that features fluffy bushes and a bench for guests or family to enjoy, completing the image of a happy loving home.


family crest security doorFamily Crest to Your Castle

If your home feels like your castle and is built similarly, you may consider featuring your family crest right in the center of your security door. A family crest can be anything that unifies your family together, whether it’s just your nuclear family or a lineage you are proud to continue. The crest might be the initials of the family name or a special symbols that means something to your family and has a regality to the design.

Homes that look best with a family crest may be brick or stone, with large blocks and heavy doors that make your home truly seem like a castle. Turn your modern Nevada abode into a family estate worthy of distinguished old-fashioned stories. And, of course, once you put your crest in one place, you sought to consider it in your gate and fences as well. It’s nice to have a formal family brand.


heritage security doorHeritage Iron for Historical Homes

The right security door for you might be essentially classic rather than a nod to old conventions. Is your front door an elegant archway in a historical home? Then what you need is a security door that matches the history and personality of the house itself. For homes that are all vertical lines and old-school style, then you can find a security door that is the same, all vertical lines but that perfectly conforms to the unique shape of your doorway.


Sunburst Security Screen DoorTrendy Home, Trendy Sunburst

Here in Nevada, many buildings are designed to do best in the hot sun and, quite frankly, we’re proud of our sunshine! If your home meets a classic Nevada design, a mix of south-west and classic suburban, then one of the best ways to celebrate the sunshine culture is a security door featuring a beautiful sunburst. The radiating iron beams are as safe as all other designs while borrowing elements from geometry, custom design, and inspirational imagery.


baroque victorian iron security doorBaroque Brocade in a Victorian Beauty

And if you, like many Americans, have an old Victorian style home on the outside with dark brick and dormer windows, then a baroque security door may be exactly what you’re looking for. Lines of not-quite-intertwining vines make up the baroque brocade security door design. A combination of vines and vertical bars, this security door adds real texture and personality to your front door and entryway. Guests will know to expect someone who really cares about decoration and modern fashion in a historical environment.

See our entire portfolio of custom iron security doors here.

If you need a security door that perfectly suits your home style and personal sense of aesthetics, contact us today! Our custom iron door crafting team would be happy to help you choose the right style or even commission a security door in a style that you want personally beyond what can be found in a catalog. Your family deserves a beautiful home to live in and here at AR Iron, we are dedicated to making that beauty something you can experience every day.