6 Reasons to Install an Automatic Gate Operator for Your Las Vegas Home

There’s no question why Las Vegas homeowners choose to build big beautiful gates for their residential properties. Driveway gates are an important aspect of home security and add an impressive element of stately refinement to your outdoor design. Whether your gate swings or slides, there’s no better cherry on top of a great fence and landscape. However, a great gate is not always great to live with.

Here in the heart of the desert, few people really want to hop out of their cars to unlatch and swing open the gate every time they leave for work or come home. If you’ve recently built a gate or are planning to add a gate to your property design, adding a gate opener with a keypad and/or button controls is your natural next step.

Today, we’re here to share the six leading reasons why Las Vegas homeowners install automatic gate openers as a practical addition to their beautiful driveway gate designs.

1) Protect Your Property Without Extra Hassle

By far the leading reason that homeowners choose to install a gate opener is to reduce hassle. Anyone who’s ever had to hop out to open and close their gate a few times knows the value of having a gate that opens and closes itself. The purpose of your gate is to keep your home and yard safe from intruders and passers-by. The gate secures your privacy and your home security as an important part of your property design.

But on one needs the extra dozen steps of exercise every day involved in jumping in and out of the car every single time a family member comes or goes from the home. A gate opener allows you to enjoy all the security of having a driveway gate with none of the additional hassle.


2) Don’t Get Out of the Car Until You’re in the Cool Garage Shade

Let’s not forget that we’re talking about properties and gates in the sun-soaked city of Las Vegas. The heat here can get pretty intense and it’s all too easy to be soaked through your undershirt before you get to and from the car to open your gate. Much less close it behind you. When you’re headed out to work or completing your commute at the end of a long workday, chances are you won’t want to manually open or close the gate.

An automatic gate opener that responds to a button inside your car is the ideal solution to ensure that you don’t have to get out of that air conditioned vehicle until you have pulled all the way into your shade-cooled garage and are mere steps from your air-conditioned home interior.


3) Enjoy a Black Gate Without Burning Your Hands

Property gates come in a variety of colors and finishes, but black is the most popular gate color for a reason. Black is formal, elegant, and compliments almost any style of property wall, home exterior colors, and landscaping design. Whether you have a simple flat sliding gate or an ornate gate that swings dramatically inward, opening a black gate soaked in the Nevada sunshine is a good way to scorch your palms and fingerpads.

If you’ve ever manually opened a black gate in the middle of a Nevada summer, you know exactly what we’re talking about. When your gate is automatically actuated, there’s no need for anyone to directly touch that shining black metal when it’s radiating afternoon heat.


4) Handicap-Friendly and Child-Friendly Property Gate Solution

Are there small children or handicapped members of your household who come and go? If so, a manual gate might not be a viable option to serve your family needs. Small children who may come home on the bus and open their gate to get home may have difficulty with the latch and might not be strong or confident enough to push the gate open, even if they are smart enough to protect their hands from the heat.

There are also many families with handicapped drivers who can operate a vehicle just fine but would have a terrible time jumping in and out of the car to open and close the gate for themselves.

Keypads make your gate possible to use for small children coming home while vehicle button remotes for your automatic gate are the ideal way to ensure handicapped family members can come and go as they please.


5) Secure Key-Code Entry for Your Kids and Approved Visitors

Speaking of children coming home, one of the most important features of an automatic gate is the ability to admit some people and not others without having to worry about locks or keys. Your gate defaults to the locked position unless someone who has a button remote or knows the code approaches.

The keypad can be used to make sure your kids and teens can enter the home safely whenever they get home from school or extracurricular activities without needing a gate key or to manually actuate the gate. The keypad can also be used to allow approved house guests to come and go without needing to be given a vehicle button remote.


6) Timed Key-Code Entry for Approved Home Services

Depending on your gate opening service, there are even options to carefully manage home services and approve each visitor individually. Some keypad codes can be connected to a schedule, allowing you to control which codes can open your gate based on the time of day. For example, you might give one code to your babysitter that works between noon and 7 PM on weekdays and another code to your lawn team that only works between 2 PM and 8 PM on Thursday afternoons. This way, no one using non-family codes can enter the house except during specific approved service times, and never in the middle of the night.

Why install an automatic gate opener for your Las Vegas home? The combination of convenience, access, security, and comfort are difficult to downplay. Whether you live alone or with a dynamic family of people coming and going, an automatic gate allows each authorized visitor to enter without manually working the gate or leaving the gate operatable by unauthorized visitors. To find out more about your Las Vegas residential gate options or to choose the right gate opener design for your home, contact us today!