4 Ways to Ensure Pool Safety

No matter the size of your pool, it can still present a safety hazard to your children, pets or anyone who may find their way into your yard. Keeping your pool safe involves appropriate safety measures that protect people and animals from accidentally falling in, and since no plan is foolproof, it’s important to use a variety of different safety measures to limit risk as much as possible.

Here are four ways to ensure pool safety:

1. Pool Alarms

Pool alarms can alert adults when there’s unauthorized access to the pool. Alarms come in pool floating wave alarms, which are mounted to the edge of the pool and go off when water is displaced, or gate or door alarms that sound when the pool area is accessed. Effective systems should sound an alarm for over 30 seconds, repeatedly, and be distinct from the other alarm systems or common sounds in the home.

2. Pool Safety Cover

A pool safety cover provides a barrier to the swimming pool surface that’s easy to open and close. The barrier can be manual or motorized, but the main goal is that young children or pets can’t fall in or access the water to swim. Pool covers should be strong enough to handle the weight of several people, just in case someone falls in and needs to be rescued. Mesh covers are one of the safest options, due to their strength, security and breathability.

3. Secure Chemicals

Aside from the hazards of swimming pools themselves, the chemicals and cleaning products used for pools can cause injuries or fatalities on their own. All pool chemicals and cleaning supplies should be kept in a locked, secure location, away from heat and direct sunlight, and shouldn’t be within reach of children or pets. If it’s not possible to store these items securely near the pool, find another location, and be sure to return these supplies back to the locked location after use.

4. Pool Fencing

One of the most effective ways of preventing unauthorized access and accidental injury or death from your swimming pool is with a pool fence. This surrounds the pool and prevents anyone from entering, so children won’t be able to swim without the proper adult supervision. This also keeps pets from getting too close to the pool. A pool fence should be a minimum of five feet tall, without any foot or hand holds that can be used for climbing, and the slats should be no more than four inches apart to keep children or pets from fitting through. Pool fences should also have a gate that opens away from the pool and has a self-latching lock. The gate must be self-closing and self-latching, with a 20” radius barrier around the latch.

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