10 Signs Your Old Security Door Is Just for Show

Security doors not only serve as egress points of a building but also protect your property from intruders. Many property owners don’t realize they need to replace their doors until there is apparent damage or inoperability. This post highlights some telltale signs that your home needs a new security door.

Substandard Materials

The quality of material used to make a door influences the durability and functionality of the unit. It also has a direct impact on the level of security the door can deliver. Some manufacturers cut corners with cheap, low-grade materials to compete on price.

Sadly, such doors don’t serve the intended function in times of need. A security door must be sturdy to overcome forcible intrusion. Upgrade to a more robust security door made of metals like wrought iron or steel. These materials are hard to cut, tear, or rip. They will last long and grant your family and property top security.

Door Frame Not Square

The door frame plays a central role in supporting the entire door assembly. As your home ages, frames can lose shape and levelness, preventing a snug fit. If your security door behaves this way, be sure to replace the whole system, including the frame.

Installing a new door on a twisted frame can cause excessive stress on the hinges, which could loosen or break them. It can also hurt the door’s NFPA fire rating or necessitate another replacement prematurely.

Dents and Holes

Besides sturdiness and durability, iron’s flexibility makes it an ideal material for security door construction. You can repair small dents and holes that do not affect the structural strength of the door.

Dents on wrought iron and steel security doors are easy to repair, especially when the depression hasn’t perforated the layers. Skillful application of metal putty can produce stunning results such that no one will notice there was ever a flaw.

When it comes to minor holes, welding a patch can solve the defect. However, it’s essential to consult an expert to assess the damage and rectify it appropriately. A qualified technician will adhere to the local building code and NFPA regulations.

Rust Corrosion

Rust eats up certain metals, making them less effective in structural applications. The bad news is that it usually starts from the inside. By the time you see it on the exterior surface, a lot of damage has already occurred. The door can no longer guarantee security, so you should get another one.

When shopping for a metal door replacement, consider a more durable material like galvanized wrought iron. Galvanization involves applying a layer of zinc over iron to prevent the metal from getting into contact with moisture. You can find doors galvanized on both the inside and outside for better rust resistance.

You can restore your metal door if the rust is mild. Use sandblasting to remove the unwanted particles and finish with powder coating. Powder-coated surfaces have high-quality finishes and are more resistant to corrosion, fading, scratching, wearing, and chipping than painted surfaces.

Weakened Core

Doors, being the entry and exit points of buildings, endure repeated abuse during their service. They often get hit by objects when people are moving items in and out of the house.

Over the years, the core can get compromised to the extent of jeopardizing the integrity of the structure. Replace your security door once its core portrays signs of weakness to prevent unexpected failure.

Delaminated Core

Delamination is a type of mechanical failure caused by the loosening or separation of the composite materials of a structure. It results from water damage or exposure to extreme weather conditions. Once a security door loses its rigidity, replace it.

To test for delamination, set one foot at the bottom of the lock stile (the edge opposite the hinges) and pull the door at the top towards you. If the displacement is more than 0.375 inches, install a new security door.

Vandalism and Defacement

Vandalism, forced entry, as well as forces like violent storms and earthquakes can damage your security door. A lot of destruction can happen around the lockset area and hinges. Due to the force applied during a break-in, the frame can also get defaced.

The decision to repair or replace depends on the extent of destruction on the door. Invite a metal door technician to assess the entire structure and test for delamination. Replacing the door with a sturdier design can prevent future break-ins and maintain the required fire rating.

Hinge Damage

Applying excessive stress on hinges can weaken them and potentially break the weld parts. Stress can result from blocking the door with an object to keep it open for extended periods. Consequently, it no longer seals appropriately, sags, or becomes inoperable. If you observe such signs, call a professional to troubleshoot the matter and fix it.

Failure to Latch

The primary function of security doors is not achievable when the unit doesn’t shut properly or latch. Many reasons can lead to this issue. It could be faulty installation, loose hinges, misalignment of the door, a damaged strike plate, and so forth.

Moreover, the door could have undergone extensive corrosion or a hard thump that causes irreversible damage. Realigning or replacing a metal door can be hectic if you don’t have the right tools and expertise. Invite a professional to determine the root cause of the latching glitch and correct it professionally.

Defective Locking Systems

Your security door may be sturdy and well-made, but it can’t guarantee security in your home if the lock is faulty. Issues like age and cheap quality can make locking systems ineffective or useless. Since bogus locks are soft targets for burglars, replace yours the moment it starts acting up.

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