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iron fence and gate

So you’ve decided it’s time to update or replace your fence, or even install a new fence where you didn’t have one before. There’s plenty of reasons why people choose to have a new fence erected on their property. For most people, privacy and security top the list. You want to protect your home from Read More

perimeter fence

A fence is a lot more than just something that looks good surrounding your property. It provides important protection from unwanted visitors, home invaders, burglars, even wildlife. We live in a “maker” world, where the DIY mindset is all the rage. Everyone wants to learn to be a craftsman and do things on their own, Read More

home invasion on the rise in las vegas

Las Vegas may be the entertainment capital of the world, but that also opens the door to dangers from opportunistic criminals. Home invasions and burglaries are on the rise throughout the Las Vegas region, and people are justifiably concerned about what they can do to keep their home, their property, and their families safe. Whether Read More

Double Gate

If you’ve been thinking about adding an exterior feature to your home in order to improve its appearance and security, there is virtually no better option than a driveway gate. Adding a driveway gate to your home will provide you with a variety of benefits, making this feature a great choice for almost every homeowner. Read More

Securing Your Home from Intrusion

Almost every homeowner fears experiencing a home intrusion. If you want to keep your home and your family safe, then it’s important that you choose a few strategies for defending your home from intrusion. Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, especially if you select the right tools. Properly securing your home will Read More

custom iron gate

If you’re looking to add a feature to your home that will make your property more attractive and increase your privacy, there’s virtually no better option than installing a custom gate. There is almost no end to the benefits you can receive from adding a custom gate to your home. However, if you want to Read More

entryway fence gate

For homeowners that want to boost the appearance of their home while also increasing its security, there’s no better option than installing a wrought iron fence. Despite their durability, wrought iron fences do need regular care to stay looking the way that you want and need. Fortunately, with the right strategy, caring for your wrought Read More

Double Gate

If you’re interested in improving both the attractiveness and security of your home, then you should consider installing a driveway gate. There are several benefits you can receive by adding a driveway gate to your property, including potentially increasing the overall value of your home. However, before you install a driveway gate at your home, Read More

Waterjet Edge Quality

In the modern era, there are a variety of manufacturing processes that your business could choose. However, if you’re looking for one of the most versatile solution for cutting a variety of materials, your best option is waterjet cutting. While waterjet cutting has existed for over one hundred years, it is just now growing in Read More

powder coated patio furniture

Metal objects, while extremely durable, can suffer wear and tear over time. For example, if you have metal outdoor furniture, it’s possible it’s been exposed to moisture or harsh UV light, possibly resulting in rust or corrosion. If you want to give your metal objects a new lease on life, then you need to find Read More

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